The Slope of a Line

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In this section, we will learn how to find the slope of a line. Slope is a very important concept in the realm of mathematics. When we think about slope, we are thinking about steepness. One can use the pitch of a roof or the grade on an interstate as real-world examples of slope. There are many ways to calculate the slope of a line. One such way is to generate two ordered-pair solutions to the line and plug these points (ordered pairs) into the slope formula. The slope formula is the ratio of the change in y-values to the change in x-values. This is generally referred to as the rise over the run. Specifically, we will label one of our points as: (x1,y1) and the other as: (x2,y2). Once we have this, we can plug into our slope formula: $$m=\frac{y_{2}- y_{1}}{x_{2}- x_{1}}$$
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