Polynomial Long Division

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In this section, we review polynomial long division. We begin with the easiest scenario, which is the division of a polynomial by a monomial. For this type of situation, we simply write the polynomial division in fraction form. We then divide each term of the numerator or dividend by the monomial or divisor. When we divide a polynomial by a non-monomial, the process is more tedious. We want to write each polynomial in standard form. If we are missing any powers, we use 0 as a placeholder. Once this is done, we set up our long division. Our dividend goes under the long division symbol and our divisor to the left. We begin by dividing the leading term of the dividend by the leading term of the divisor. From that point, we write our answer above the long division symbol according to place value. We then follow the steps of: multiplication, subtraction, bring down, repeat or remainder. Once there are no more terms from the dividend to bring down, we are finished. If we have a remainder, we report our answer by placing the remainder over the divisor and adding it to the quotient.
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