Applications of Linear Systems

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In this section, we look at some application problems for linear systems. In many cases, word problems will involve more than one unknown. When we solve a problem with more than one unknown, it will sometimes be necessary to set up a system of equations that relate the two or more unknown quantities. For these types of problems, we begin by reading the problem carefully. We must understand the objective of the problem. We then assign variables to represent the unknowns. The next step is to set up a system of linear equations. These are based on the information given to us in the problem. We then solve the system and state the answer. With any word problem, we state our answer in a nice, clear, and concise sentence or paragraph (if needed). Lastly, we want to check the result. We want to ensure that our answer is reasonable in terms of the problem. We also want to make sure that the math works out, by checking our result based on the structure of the problem.
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