Function Notation

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In this lesson, we learn about function notation. Function notation is a method of writing a function where we see that our function depends on the independent variable. Usually, functions are named using: f, g, or h, but any letter could be used. So instead of the traditional y, we can replace this with f(x), which is read as "f of x". This just tells us we have a function f, whose value depends on the independent variable x. For example, the linear function y=3x - 7, could be written as: f(x)=3x - 7. We just swapped out our y with f(x). Additionally, we can use function notation to evaluate a function for a given value of the variable. If we see something such as f(3), it is read as "f of 3" and is asking for the function's value when the independent variable is replaced with a 3.
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