Place Value

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In this section, we will focus on how to find the place value for a given digit in a number. Let’s begin by thinking about the whole numbers. The whole numbers are used to count a number of objects. The whole numbers start with 0 and increase in increments of 1 indefinitely. Whole Numbers:{0,1,2,3,4,5,…}. We will learn that each digit in a number gains its value from its position or place in the number. As an example, suppose we looked at the value of 3 in a few different numbers:
3 - Three ones or just 3
35 - Three tens or 30
348 - Three hundreds or 300
392,477 - Three hundred thousands or 300,000
We will learn how to use a place value chart to visually see the place value for each digit in a given number. Additionally, we will learn to create a place value chart from scratch and perform several examples where no place value chart is involved. We do this by explaining that the number system is a base 10 system. As we move to the left, we multiply the previous place value by ten to arrive at our new place value.
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