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In this section, you can generate unlimited math practice tests. The key to mastering math is practice. Our practice tests and quizzes are great, but what happens when you need additional practice? Now, you can generate an unlimited number of unique practice tests. This way, you can continue to practice until you get it right.

A quick note on how this section works: When you take a practice test here, you must get 7 correct answers in order to pass. Once you have completed the practice test, you will see a trophy appear in the associated section. This trophy is saved via local storage. For most people, this will be enough, but keep in mind that your browser might not allow local storage, or this may get inadvertently cleared out. Best of luck in your studies, John. emoji

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Pre-Algebra Practice

Whole Numbers





Algebra Practice

Algebraic Expressions

Linear Equations

Linear Inequalities

Graphs & Functions

Absolute Value Equations

Absolute Value Inequalities

Exponent Rules


Complex Numbers

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